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Student Work – Photography


These are the final portfolios from the students in Digital Photography 2, 1st semester 2008/2009.

They were asked to choose their 10 best photos for the portfolio.  They were also asked to create an Artist’s Statement that explains their philosophy and style as a photographer.

Bernice Pipa – Artist’s Statement
Bernice Pipa – Portfolio

Ammon Hayden- Artist’s Statement
Ammon Hayden – Portfolio

Taylor Jones – Artist’s Statement
Taylor Jones – Portfolio

Olga Mikhaylenko – Artist’s Statement
Olga Mikhaylenko – Portfolio

Ethan Doerr – Artist’s Statement
Ethan Doerr – Portfolio

Kennedy Rushing – Artist’s Statement
Kennedy Rushing – Portfolio

Courtney Moe – Artist’s Statement
Courtney Moe – Portfolio

Amelia Ringeisen – Artist’s Statement
Amelia Ringeisen – Portfolio

Mikhayla Ravenberg – Artist’s Statement
Mikhayla Ravenberg – Portfolio

Chelsea Todd – Artist’s Statement
Chelsea Todd – Portfolio

Rob Rheinhart – Artist’s Statement
Rob Rheinhart – Portfolio

Ryan Read – Portfolio

Nick Tierney – Portfolio

Josh Edwards – Artist’s Statement
Josh Edwards – Portfolio

Jordan Burke – Portfolio

Ron Stanfield – Portfolio

Jessica Neely – Portfolio



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