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Camera Purchasing

KEH.com links – these change all the time so there is no guarantee what is available

KEH is VERY RELIABLE and much better than buying on craigslist…its also often cheaper than craigslist

HOWEVER – I can not guarantee anything myself…I have purchased a lot of used gear from KEH and I know other photographers who have.  I’ve never heard of a bad experience, but obviously I can’t guarantee something won’t go wrong.  They do provide a limited guarantee on their purchases though, so it is much better than craigslist.

Dont be afraid of the BGN rating – they are much cheaper and totally usable…KEH will take it back if it doesn’t work

their ratings are very conservative.

Canon Digital Bodies – to use it better you can filter it to $250 or so and under on the left


Any of these bodies will work and produce good photos

I would recommend the 40d, 30d or 20d in that order

IF you decide on one of these cameras, ask me for help choosing a lens

a good basic lens is this one




Link to 50mm1.8 – best cheap lens you can get – NEW LENS not used




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