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Camera Purchasing

KEH.com links – these change all the time so there is no guarantee what is available

KEH is VERY RELIABLE and much better than buying on craigslist…its also often cheaper than craigslist

HOWEVER – I can not guarantee anything myself…I have purchased a lot of used gear from KEH and I know other photographers who have.  I’ve never heard of a bad experience, but obviously I can’t guarantee something won’t go wrong.  They do provide a limited guarantee on their purchases though, so it is much better than craigslist.

Dont be afraid of the BGN rating – they are much cheaper and totally usable…KEH will take it back if it doesn’t work

their ratings are very conservative.

Canon Digital Bodies – to use it better you can filter it to $250 or so and under on the left


Any of these bodies will work and produce good photos

HOWEVER the 10d, D30 and D60 will not take efs lenses(like the 18-55 lens)

IF you decide on one of these cameras, ask me for help choosing a lens

The REBEL cameras and 20d’s are a better bet since they can use any canon lens

Canon Zoom Lenses-to use it better you can filter it to $150 or so and under on the left


Non Canon Zoom Lenses


Link to 50mm1.8 – best cheap lens you can get – NEW LENS not used


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