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Warm Up & Assignments 11/19

Posted by seanmorr on November 19, 2014

Go to the following links and then write in your journal

Tell me which one photo stood out to you and why

FIRST – you’ve seen some of these before, but more photoshop animal examples






FIRST – check your grades and turn in any late work you might have.  Periods 1 & 2 grades are now in.  REMEMBER if you have a ZERO in the grade book you can still turn it in, but use then new LATEWORK link on the top of the blog page and follow the directions.  You must name it correctly.

Assignments for all periods – if you have everything turned in

Work on your photoshop animal, get as far as you can

Be thinking about your low angle photo challenge photo…remember using a phone for this one is fine, and might actually be a little easier.


AP Photo – work on your animal and also be working on your levitation and mini concentrations




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