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Warm Up & Assignments 3-19-13

Posted by seanmorr on March 19, 2013

First, go to the links and do the warmup





In your journal, write about one photo



Photo 2

NEW ASSIGNMENT – Aperture Worksheet

in the pick up box for digital photo 2 named ‘aperture worksheet.doc’

Shouldn’t take you very long, turn it in when you’re done

CONTINUE to work on your ‘pimp my ride’ photoshop challenge

***NOTE*** if you want a guide on how to do light graffiti, there are sheets printed on top of the big printer.  They will help if you want to try it at home


AP Photo

FIRST…I forgot to tell some of you about the regional art show ceremony, which is tonight…sorry about that, I apologize to those I forgot to inform

here is a link to the information – http://web3.esd112.org/docs/artshow/artshow2012_savethedate1.pdf?sfvrsn=2

NEXT for everyone – it’s time to look again at some portfolios

go here


scroll down a bit to get to some of the portfolios you have not looked at before

I want you to choose FOUR concentrations to write about

I want you to choose 2 that you thought were good well, thought out concentrations with excellent photos.

Describe the two concentrations and what you liked about them.  Why did you think they were good?  What specifically  was successful?

NEXT choose TWO concentrations that you thought were unsuccessful either because of the initial idea or due to the photos not working with the idea.

Describe the two concentrations and then explain what you think didn’t work.  Give specific examples and explain your reasoning.

When you are done turn it in as p#lastnameconcentrationcritique



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