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Warm Up & Assignments 2-13

Posted by seanmorr on February 13, 2013

OK sorry, I seem to have the stomach flu…good times…so I’ll be home in bed today.

Do the warm up and then look at the assignments below

go to the following links






write about one photo in your journal

PHOTO 2 Classes

Your line challenge will be due tomorrow (thursday)

For today, try to finish your photoshop challenge

remember the photos are in the digital photo 2 pick up box in the folder ‘pschallenge1’

IF you are stuck and need help, I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully)

If you want to do something else and wait or help OR if you are done early, here is a good, fairly easy photoshop tutorial that you can do for extra credit


AP Photo classes

Continue to critique each others mini concentrations

Since we’re doing that for an extra day, I want you to do TEN total critiques…yes TEN

If you did not finish you proposal, you need to get that done ASAP

IF you are done, feel free to do some photoshop extra credit



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