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Warm Up & Assignments 2-5

Posted by seanmorr on February 5, 2013

Warm Up – go to the following links





write about one photo in your journal, describe it and write about it…why did you like it, why did it stand out.


Photo 2

A photoshop tutorial for you today


CHOOSE any image you want as the background and use any text you want

turn it in as p#lastnametextimage

IF the text tutorial doesn’t make sense to you or if you have problems, there is a video that might help

in the main pick up box(Not the digital photography 2 folder) there is a file named ###textmasktutorial.wmv

watch the video…make your own version of it


AP Photo

– there is a new assignment in the ‘photographers’ folder in the pick up box

DO IT and turn it in as p#lastnamephotograher3….enjoy 🙂

AND don’t forget about your series challenge and your mini concentration!!!!!


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