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Warm Up & Assignments 3-16

Posted by seanmorr on March 16, 2012

ok so I’m on emergency baby-care duty today…sorry it wasn’t planned

Warmup – go to the following links





write about one photo in your journal

AND you will be turning in journals next week, so those of you behind on warmups…get caught up!

AP Photo

Do the warmup – stay off of tumblr Hulse, Kohler, Hill, Reina, Anna…

Valerie – your letter is on your keyboard

JB – here is a link to the photoshop technique I told you about  – http://www.tipsquirrel.com/index.php/2011/08/applying-texture-to-a-contour-using-photoshop/

Artur – the gear you need is in a bag under the big printer, take it and bring it all back on Monday

I still expect you all to turn in your 2nd concentration photo today

Turn it into the drop box AND EMAIL IT TO THIS ADDRESS – attach your photo


I can look at them over the weekend

Photo 2

Do the warmup

We will vote on the photoshop challenge on Monday

If you didn’t get it done or want to change it, you can turn it in today

Look at these examples of your next photo challenge – slow shutter speed


Now, lets learn a little about shutter speed open and read the pdf at the following link


Then download and open the following worksheet – answer the questions


Turn this in as p#lastnameshuterspeed


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