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2-23 – warmup and assignments

Posted by seanmorr on February 23, 2012

sorry I won’t be in today…Isabel is not feeling well so I’m on emergency sick baby duty today

First – Warmup

go to the following links





write about TWO photos in your journal

AP Photo – you all have work to do…which doesn’t involve Tumblr!!!!!

remember I want possible concentrations done by beginning of the period on Friday

3 possible concentrations and 3 possible photos for each – typed up

look through the concentration examples on the AP site and the Union examples from the last 2 years.

Surrealism is due TOMORROW – 3 surrealist images

Famous Photographer – Due Monday

Photo 2

REMINDER – if you want to forecast for AP photo next year – it is ART 237 & ART 238

If you want to try and put your triptych together there is a video tutorial in the pickup box named – #triptych – it will show you how to do a basic layout

For today – EDIT your triptych photos

WORK on your photoshop challenge


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