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Warm Up & Assignments 12-6-11

Posted by seanmorr on December 6, 2011

FIRST – go to the following links





write about TWO photos in your journal


AP Photo – FINISH your online critiques of the last mini concentration photos – the link is on the ‘assignments’ page of the blog…or just do a few extra

continue working on your mini concentration and your stop motion animation project.

Photo 1 –

A new photoshop tutorial…there are a few new things here, but I think you guys can handle it.  If it doesn’t work out, I can help you tomorrow

Give this a shot, and feel free to use a different color than the green


if you finish it, turn it in as p#lastnamegrungetext

PHOTO 2 – FINISH your photoshop tutorial, turn it in as p#lastnamepschallenge2

Work on your diptych

Work on your stop motion animation

I will be back tomorrow


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