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Warm Up & Assignments 10-6

Posted by seanmorr on October 5, 2011

First  – VOTE!!!!

(Photo 1 class – a Triptych is a three part piece of art…so an image made up of three other images)

p1 – triptych


p2 – triptych


p3 – landscape


p5 – triptych


p6 – triptych


-in your journal tell me which photo you like the best overall and why


AP Photo – its time for your first official DIY project.  For this assignment, you must find a photoshop tutorial on the web that you want to complete start to finish.  You will not only turn in your finished work, but will also describe your process.

I recommend going to this site and seeing if you can find something you want to do

http://psd.tutsplus.com/    if you can find a comparable tutorial on the web somewhere else, thats fine, but I’ll make sure its difficult enough

you will have two weeks for this, but will have other projects as well

Photo 2 & Photo 1

There is a photoshop tutorial in the pick up box #####tutorial – inside is a video that will show you how to make Ice text

follow the tutorial

use any text you’d like

turn it in as p#lastnameicetext


see you all Friday


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