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Warm Up 9-28

Posted by seanmorr on September 28, 2011

Hi everyone, not going to be at school today but I’ll see you tomorrow.

REMEMBER – Photo challenges are due tomorrow

Warm Up – Go to the following links





Write about TWO (2) photos in your journal!!!!!!!!

PHOTOSHOP ASSIGNMENT FOR AP PHOTO & Photo 2 – photo 1, I’ll give you extra credit if you do it

Go to the pick up box and open the folder #####Lensbaby

open the jpg in photoshop

open the video and follow the tutorial with the practice jpg

if for some reason the video doesnt work, go here


THEN choose one of your own photos and do the tutorial on one of your own photos – turn it in as p#lastnamelensbaby

PHOTO 1 – work on your head swap


see you tomorrow


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