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Warm Up & Assignments 2-16-11

Posted by seanmorr on February 16, 2011

In a meeting today, will see you all tomorrow


go to the following links


http://blogs.wsj.com/photojournal/2011/02/15/photos-of-the-day-feb-15/ (three pages)

http://www.naturephotographers.net/imagecritique/ic.cgi?a=vk&CGISESSID=73a0ab9941e231f024a7543abe392bda&u=25538 (first page)

write about one photo in your journal


Photo 2

Finish editing your line challenge photo…remember, use the system for editing we have been talking about…the poster is by the screen

Turn it in as p#lastnameline.jpg

If you finish early, you can do photoshop extra credit assignments…

in the pick up box for photo 2, there is a folder named ‘extracreditphotoshop’ you can do any of those at any time for extra credit

turn them in as p#lastnameextracredit-nameofassignments (for example extracreditzombie  or extracreditlightning )


AP Photo

continue to work on your photoshop concentration…I’ll check in tomorrow

continue to gather your best work for your breadth section


your new challenge is…a diptych …with a twist

for this challenge, you can use one old photo out of your breadth folder and pair it with a new photo to create a new work

so a diptych with one old photo and one new photo that somehow relate


see you all tomorrow


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