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Warm Up 12-3

Posted by seanmorr on December 3, 2010

Go to the following links



in your journal write about one photo

and VOTE for the AP photo surrealism challenge

surrealism is defines as…

A movement in art and literature that flourished in the earlytwentieth century. Surrealism aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control.

so basically a dreamlike picture that doesn’t have to make sense…and they could use photoshop heavily

pics are in the pick up box under ####vote-surrealism

voting link here



Photo 1 – finish up your pimp my ride photoshop challenge and turn it in


also start thinking about your reflection challenge


look for examples of stop motion animation online and plan your project…remember its due next week

Look for examples of minimalist photography online and plan your challenge photo…its due wednesday


period 3

1st-8  2nd-10  3rd-11   4ish-9,3

period 4

1st-9  2nd-1  3rd-17  4ish 11,18

period 5

1st-2  2nd-3  3rd-1  4ish-13

period 6

1st-5  2nd-12  3rd-14  4ish-9,1


also, if you are a flickr user…here are tips to get more image views on your photos



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