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Warm Up 10-22

Posted by seanmorr on October 22, 2010

Hi everyone…be nice to Mr. Kelly!

First, an  announcement

This saturday, at 3pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square the Portland Zombie Walk is taking place…where hundreds of people dress up like zombies and shamble around portland being chased by photographers.  Its pretty fun and you do have a phobia challenge…

here are pics I took last year at the zombie walk


Remember, Phobia Challenge is due next Thurs

Warm Up Photos

look at the following links





Photo 2 and photo 1 write about one photo in your journal


AP Photo

Continue to work on and edit your mini concentrations and your phobia challenge

Photo 2

finish up your clone project

remember there is a video in the pick up box named ‘clone-photoshop’ that goes through all the steps

Photo 1

Make ONE more photoshop animal!

This time, you can use imaginary animals, dinosaurs, cartoons or monsters

it needs to be at least THREE different animals

turn it in as p#lastnameanimal3


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