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Photography of Li Wei

Posted by seanmorr on April 28, 2008

Take a look at the following photos from Chinese photographer Li Wei.

In your journal…do you like the photos?  why or why not?

How were they made?  What is his theme?

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Assignment 4-24-08

Posted by seanmorr on April 24, 2008

Warm Up


Look at the photos of the week for 10-17th

In your journal, tell me which one you voted for and why

There are new track photos up, go to uhsdigital to take a look


Winners from the challenges


11,2,13,6,7 (in order)


12,16,7,11,3,19 (in order, last 2 a tie)

New Assignment

Create a header for you blog

A header is the top of a website.  many of the wordpress themes allow you to put in your own header.

To make a header. Open a new photoshop document that is 760×200 pixels with a resolution of 100.

That is the area you have to work with.

You can use any imagery you would like…I would suggest using your own images, but you can use textures, or other pieces from the internet.  The name does not have to be your own name, it can be whatever you want…make sure it fits your blog though.

Think about websites that you like…what do they look like?  what do their headers look like?

You might want to do a cool text effect for this.

here are two good websites that have tutorials you can use



DON’T turn this in today we will talk about it tomorrow

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Warm Up 4-22-08

Posted by seanmorr on April 22, 2008

Go to the following site

view the photos

in your journal, tell me which one you liked the best and why

click here

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Morrison’s Photos

Posted by seanmorr on April 18, 2008

So here are photos from my workshop over the weekend.  These were photo shoots with models.  The first shoot was in Reser’s stadium, the OSU football stadium.  The second was at an outdoor event venue.  The third was a night shoot in downtown Corvallis.

Click here

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